Spaces for physical
and emotional well-being

The ATOMOS Klinik Währing was completely renovated and redesigned in 2023. Especially for people in a process of recovery, the impact and perception of spaces are much more sensitive. The effect of the spatial atmosphere is closely related to personal well-being, reducing fears, increasing trust, and especially hope.


A healing architecture concept was developed and implemented for the modernization of the house. The focus of the interior design again placed on the term ‘Hospital’, which relates to hospitality, with special emphasis on the physical and emotional well-being of our patients.

Our ‘Healing Architecture’ concept creates a helpful and healing environment for patients, relatives, and all staff.

The company MasterPlan A EinRichtung GmbH took on the assessment, concept, planning, and implementation. New spaces were created, and an interior design corresponding to the ethos of the ATOMOS Clinics emerged.

The garden and courtyard are, of course, available to all patients. Enjoy the uniqueness of a quiet, green oasis in the middle of the city. Most of our patient rooms also have their own terrace and balcony.