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Empathetic medicine

Proctology deals with diseases of the rectum, specifically the rectum and the anal canal. This often includes hemorrhoids, as well as other rectal complaints due to different causes. Symptoms in the rectal area are usually experienced as very unpleasant and are often a subject people are reluctant to talk about.

Dr. med. Behrooz Salehi – Specialist in General Surgery – is the head of the Proctological Center of Excellence at ATOMOS Klinik Währing and a renowned expert in the field of proctology.

Our services

  • Initial Consultation 
  • Diagnosis (including through proctoscopy)
  • Therapy Planning (both conservative and surgical)
  • Surgery Scheduling and Operation
  • Follow-up care

Dr. Behrooz Salehi

›For open conversations without embarrassment.‹


Addressing complaints,
restoring well-being

Our outpatient clinic in the Proctological Center of Excellence at ATOMOS Klinik Währing is a place where you can have an open conversation with specialists in this field without any embarrassment. This is so important because the sooner the complaints and their causes are clarified, the better the chances of curing diseases of the rectum.

Diagnostic: Proctoscopy

Possible causes can be investigated through proctoscopy for (perianal) bleeding and discomfort in the anal area or as an additional examination of the anal canal. This examination allows for the assessment of the mucosa, mucosal changes, vessels, internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal fistulas, and is used for biopsy collection.


The Proctological Center of Excellence at ATOMOS Klinik Währing specializes in the surgical treatment of the following diseases:
— Hemorrhoids
— Rectal Prolapse
— Anorectal Abscess
— Anal Fistulas
— Anal Fissures
— Anal Thrombosis
— Anal Carcinoma
— Anal Eczema
After the surgery, you will stay 1 to 2 nights in our clinic. In some cases, day clinic treatment (discharge on the same day of the surgery) is possible after consultation with your doctor, if you desire. Depending on the surgery planning, we kindly ask you to come to the clinic either one day before the surgery or on the morning of the same day.