Promoting and maintaining health

In addition to the treatment of manifest illnesses, we see it as our task to provide you with medical care and advice in our clinic in order to maintain and promote your health.

This involves preventive and check-up examinations, as well as medical advice and therapy programmes to help you lead a healthy life. Physical activity, a balanced diet and psychosocial balance play an important role, as does a holistic view of your personal life.


We recommend that our patients have a health check at our clinic once a year. In addition to the medical consultation and examination, laboratory analyses of blood and urine as well as ultrasound examinations are part of the check-up.

You can also have a gastroscopy and colonoscopy for bowel screening as part of the check-up at our clinic.


In order to stay healthy in the long term, we offer you a therapy programme suitable for all ages, based on physical training using electromyostimulation, acupuncture, orthobionomy, therapeutic massage and psychosocial coaching.

The programme is a therapeutic composition over a period of 4 weeks and can be repeated as required.

Individual appointments for individual therapy are made via our administration team.